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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Future of Ideas and Facing the Future

I did not get much out of these readings. The Future Ideas article seemed to go on and on, but I did enjoy the part about downloading music. I used to download music all the time on Napster before the whole lawsuit thing.... Now, there are bigger and better ways of downloading music onto ipods, cell phones etc.. very interesting. Facing the Future was to me more interesting. For the most part I agreed with the author. This is an age of change. You gotta keep up with it! The world is changing whether you want it to or not.

Raw Materials 280-end

I enjoyed reading warlick's information about podcasting. I had never heard of it before this class and I look forward to learning about it in tomorrow class. I also liked gettting to hear the podcast the first day of class from the 4th grade classroom.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Raw Materials Pg 258-280

This section really brought back memories of creating web pages in college. I had a great webpage and i put everything on it. I loved it.... but as time went on I got busy with work and my priorities changed. My website fell by the wayside, and now I cant even remember where it was.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Raw Materials pg 245-258

The section for me was just a review of what we have learned in class. I looked up blogs and found that there are millions of blog that you can read on just about any topic! I went to www.globeofblogs.com and found some interesting blogs on just about any topic you can think of. I wonder what the average age is of bloggers. Are they teens or young adults? How many adults who are working and have families are able to find the time to blog? I know a girl that blogs her diary every night. She doesn’t make small entries but writes pages and pages! I bet it takes her quite a bit of time to do it. As I read some blogs out there, I couldn’t help but wonder who has time do that just for fun and leisure?

Raw Materials pg 207-245

I had no idea what was available and what could be done on the www. I have played on the internet countless hours over the last 10 years, but yet… there is so much to learn!! I enjoyed learning about webquests and I believe that if I am even in a teaching profession I will use them for assignments and other things.

Oversold and Underused: Computers in the Classroom

Are computers in the schools worth the investment? In my opinion, yes they are. Are they currently underused? Quite possibly. It is always difficult to implement new ideas, techniques, and technology in to any setting whether it be work, church or school. I agree with the article about not seeing a significant outcome of using computers, but I think that it is because some teachers are so afraid to use the computer or do not know how to use them that the students are not able to access them or use them to the full potential that they can be used. Often times there are not enough computers in the school to make it worth using them.

As we progress in this information and technology age, my opinion is that it is very important for computers to be used in school. Kids need to learn how to use them for educational, vocational, and personal purposes. We are not in the dark ages any more and most employers require computer knowledge.

Technopoly "The Improbable World"

I found this article very interesting. I liked how they described how the passing on of information has changed throughout the years. I agree with the article in that we are inundated with information on a daily basis. The news, magazines, internet, papers, books, journals, radio, etc… How do we filter this information? How do we determine if the information that we take in is accurate or true, or just made up gossip?

I particularly liked one of the last things that the author had to say that we “proceed under the assumption that information is our friend, believing that cultures may suffer form a lack of information… it is only now beginning to be understood that cultures may also suffer from information glut, information without meaning, information without control mechanisms.

Postive Discipline Chapter 3 and 9

These chapters propose the idea of class meeting held regularly in the classroom. Students would have to come up with solutions to the problems discussed in the meeting.

What I found that I think would be a very positive aspect of it is when the students give each other compliments. Compliments for most people are hard to give and hard to take. If these kids get used to giving and receiving compliments; they are most likely to continue do to that through their lives. In High school compliments can be very valuable to the receiver. At this age kids may have a low self-esteem or lack confidence and that can be built up by the giving and receiving of compliments.

I believe that class meetings can be an effective tool if used appropriately. I found these articles to be quite interesting.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Raw Materials Pgs 180-206

This section really made me feel computer illiterate. I knew how to save images, but reading about how graphic and audio software can work is just amazing. It makes me wish that I had a lot more time to spend on doing things like that! I have a friend that has his own recording studio and the software that he has on his computer is amazing! he can record someone who sing terrible and work it out in his computer so it doenst sound near as bad, in fact, it could even be good!

Raw Materials pg 142 -180

This section of raw materials was really interesting. I look up alot of stuff on the internet but I had never incorporated the uses of "AND/OR" or math searches (+ -), OR using parenthesis. I think that learning these techniques will help me in my furture searching. I also found it interesting that the search engines are not all the same size. Who knew?

Monday, January 02, 2006

Raw Materials pgs 108-142

I found this section to be very useful to me, esp being in school. I agree with Kathy and Joanna in that it sure would have been nice to know this information before taking EDUC 5302! However it will help me in future classes as I embark on more and more research. Thank you Raw Materials!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Flickering Mind

This article was very thought provoking. I had never thought about the quality of teaching declining with or without the use of technology. Todd Oppenheimer, in my opinion, did a good job of getting his readers to think about the important role that teachers have in our lives. I know that many educators have a fear of increased technology. For example, What good does technology do if you are only taught how to use it, but not how it applies to your everyday life, how to use it to your advantage, or how will it increase your verbal, written, and social skills? Will the increased use of technology take away from some of the necessary experience for our children? Will it just provide a quick fix? Or is it really expanding our knowledge and brain power? Just some points to ponder....

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Raw Materials

This section of Raw Materials discussed how to be collaborative with others on the internet via internet mailing addresses and yahoo groups. It also explains how to use audio and voice conference for colaboration. I think that is is so neat how a person can use a webcam and microphone to see and to talk to someone in a different city or county. My family uses Yahoo instant messenger to talk to my brother who is oversees serving in the military. With the use of my webcam I can see what he is doing and I can see him talking to me. It is better than using the telephone and much more cost effective.

I also found it very interesting to learn about Wiki pages. The first time that I had heard of the Wikipedia, was the first night of class. I have used it several times to look things up, and I have told other people about it who have never heard of it. I hope to find the time to explore the wiki world. Here are some interesting wiki hyperlinks http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?WikiFarms and http://www.wikispaces.com/.